Being in Awe of God

What are some things that make you say, “That was awesome”? Maybe it is standing on the beach and watching the waves crash, hearing the thunderous sound and feeling the cool spray of the ocean’s mist on your face. Maybe it is sitting in an airplane and looking out the window at 40,000 feet and seeing how big the world is as you fly high above the ground. Maybe it is looking up at night and seeing the moon in the sky like a big pizza pie and the stars and everything that displays God’s handiwork. You can’t help but say, Awesome! These are just a glimpse or a snapshot of God’s glory and power.
Why is it important for us to be reminded of God’s glory?
Throughout the Old Testament we read about how important it was for Israel to reflect and remember what God had done. More specifically, they were instructed to remember and reflect on the Exodus. The Exodus was a big deal; God brought Israel from the land of Egypt by His hand and power. He set Israel, who was a slave, free from a major nation. He protected them in the wilderness. He gave them food and water. He led them and His presence was with them. Those who experienced the Exodus and the generations that followed would share what God did to show His awesomeness.
It is important for us to be reminded that God is awesome because God is the only One who should be in that place. God is truly by definition the only One who is awesome! God alone, who is all powerful, all knowing, and ever present, is awesome. The danger is when we put lesser things in that place.
Sometimes we do this unintentionally by just forgetting or being busy. We get caught up in life. We don’t stop to think about God and His glory. Sometimes we do it because we desire to put lesser things in that place where only God should be in our lives. Either way, this is a form of idolatry and we are guilty of not being in awe of God. We are called to ask God to forgive us and by God’s grace we can grow in awe of God day by day.
How can we remind our children and ourselves of the awesomeness of God?

  • Psalm 104 is a good Psalm to go to and reflect on God’s greatness. You can read this together as a family and see how awesome God is. After you are done, you can pray and just say, “Thank You, God!”
  • Go outside with your family and just look up and see the vastness of the skies above you (Psalm 19:1). This is a reminder of how God is Creator and awesome!
  • Talk to your children about how things grow (plants, trees, ourselves) and show how God was all-knowing when He made them.
  • When you talk about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, this should cause awe to overcome our hearts—that for our sake God made Him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God (2 Corinthians 5:21).
  • Spend some time as a family to reflect on all that God has done. He is steadfast in His love for us (Psalm 118). He provides, He cares, He directs, and He is faithful.
  • Pray and ask God to help you in being in awe of Him and to grow in that awe each and every day.

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