A Good Conversation

The other day I met a gentleman for coffee who was interested in serving in ministry. I wanted to hear a little about himself and his heart in ministry. I left that conversation excited about ministry, desiring to reach the next generation, and realizing that time is precious. It was one of those conversations that I walked away thankful for men like the one I just talked with.
I know some people are talkers and some are listeners. Probably in this setting I was the listener. He had so much to say and I wanted to glean from this man who was older. I loved hearing his experience and involvement in ministry. He had spent decades serving the Lord through different aspects of ministry.
I realize that a good conversation isn’t just one that is worth your time or is fun, but one that you leave thinking about how to do more for God’s kingdom. A good conversation isn’t where one is pressured or forced to do something but where one is encouraged to not only improve oneself but to use time wisely for God’s glory.
Here are some aspects of what I learned through my conversation with this man.

No Matter How Old You Are, Be Teachable

Here is a man who lived, by the world’s standards, a successful life. He has a wife, children, grandchildren. He had a successful business that he retired from and was able to invest a lot of time with his grandchildren. He also had a long resume of different ministries and ways he helped the Lord. But what stood out was that he was still desiring to be teachable.
He shared that he is still learning from God’s Word and loves this time of his life where he has more time to study. He is learning more and more from God’s Word. This man was also willing to be taught by those who are younger than he is.
I took away how I hope that I remain teachable no matter how old or successful I become. The Lord can teach us more and more about His grace. No matter our age, we can learn. We can learn from others at different stages of their lives. Someone who is teachable has the ability to go further and impact more. Are you teachable? Stay teachable!

Don’t Stop Looking to Reach the Next Generation

I enjoyed hearing what God did in his life and his faithfulness. But it seemed that what got him more excited was investing time in his grandsons. He daily thinks how he can invest in them and direct them in being godly men. It consumes much of his thoughts.
As he shared his desire to do this with his grandsons he asked, what are we doing to reach the next generation? What can he do to help? He didn’t know what that looked like but he knew his time was limited and he wanted to do something.
I was inspired by his desire to reach the next generation, to invest in others, to disciple others. Really what we are called to do is make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19). This should consume our thoughts as believers. Reaching the lost is the marching orders for Christians. Let us be thinking constantly on reaching those around us with the gospel.

Think Outside the Box

He shared his passion in teaching his grandsons about being men and seeking adventure for God’s glory but asked, what does that look like for the men today in our church? He knew that what he was doing was taking time but the impact would be far better. He is wanting his grandsons to be godly men and is willing to do different things to help them grow in their godly character and wanting the same for the men of our church.
He asked in a caring tone, how are we investing in the lives of others? How are we thinking and being intentional with our time? He said that at times some platforms and different organizational structures seem to have little impact with reaching men so we need to think outside the box.
I love that the Lord has given us a great mind to be creative with. We have the ability to think outside the box when it comes to ministry. Many times, established ministries which worked many years ago may not work today. The method may change but the message does not. I left this conversation excited and wanting to think of biblical ways to disciple and reach the next generation.

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