8 Months of Using a Bullet Journal

The beginning of this year I decided to choose a different method to in keeping organized. I usually used an electronic version for keeping track of my appointments or events but I was not as dedicated to that method as I should have.
I am like a kid in a candy store, wanting to try different things and I saw the idea of a bullet journal from watching a YouTube video by Matthew Kent. I was willing to give it a try for 2017.
I was drawn to this method because I have always been more of note taker when it comes to task and scheduling. I have more of a photographic memory so when I write things down I feel like I can remember it better.
What is the Bullet Journal?
It is a journal that can be customized to fit what you do and what you would like to keep track of. I use it as a calendar, a daily task manager, a place to hold my notes, and prayer requests.
To better explain I would encourage you to watch the video that the Bullet Journal compact made by going to visit their  site.
Here are some things I learned:

With any type of system, you must be consistent:

I know some people who look for more efficient ways to do what they were doing and with technology there are many great ways to do this. Your smartphone can do pretty much any type of management system for your life but I also found myself not utilizing my phone that way. I would end getting distracted because of the many different options I had on my phone. I would also download a new app that was for tasks or calendars and start using that app but find myself not liking it.
I have found with the bullet journal, I can customize it to fit what I am doing and how I can stay on top of everything.
To be honest, I started out strong using the Bullet Journal but then there were moments that I would not be so consistent with adding or using the journal for the system in place. And I was losing things, forgetting tasks, forgetting appointments. In order to stay on top of those things, I needed to stay on top of my notebook. I spend my mornings overlooking what I didn’t get done and move those items to ways I can get them done. I look at all my schedule meetings and other events so I can be somewhat prepared for my day. This has created a good habit for me when it comes to life management and organization.
Keep it basic:
If you look up bullet journaling you will find a variety of talented and creative people who use it well and make it look nice. I am not very creative nor did I want to spend too much time with the look. I wanted functionality and that is what I tried to aim for.
In the beginning with trying to be creative with the journal and I didn’t like how much time I was spending on it. I realized the best thing I can do is keep it basic and make it work for me.
Change to fit what works best for you:
I like the idea that I can customize this system of note keeping, scheduling, tasks management, etc. to fit what I do and how I do it. I have adapted as I have spent time using this system. What worked in the beginning or what I thought I needed to put in the journal turned out that I didn’t use as much and I stopped including it in the journal. I am sure there will be more changes in the future but that is what is nice about this system, you can change as you go.
I have been more faithful to prayer for others:
Another positive note other than keeping track of tasks or events, I have been more faithful to pray for others. I have section each month of prayer requests. This is where I turn to daily when I pray. I move over each month the ones that I still need to pray for and get to celebrate the ones that have been answered.
I take it almost everywhere with me:
Though there are times I don’t bring the notebook with me, such as most family outings. I do take it with me regarding anything with work. It may be encumbering at times but I treat it like bringing my wallet or keys with me. The idea again of writing it down helps me with memory.
I look at it daily, I thumb through it and see what I need to do and what I can add/change. I look ahead for future items. It looks worn on the binding and I like it!
I’m still learning:
I think with any system you establish for yourself, there will always be newer and better ones out there. I have enjoyed doing it this way and will stick with it for the remainder of the year and I am leaning on doing it again next year.
I would love to answer any of your questions about bullet journaling or what ways to you stay organized?

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